Barbour Glasses Collection

The Barbour glasses collection incorporates 125 years of heritage into their stylish and timeless range. Since 1894, the Scottish, family-owned business has been designing elegant clothing and accessories to be worn for today and last for years. There are some things which never seem to go out of fashion and Barbour falls under this category. Worn proudly throughout generations, the latest collection takes inspiration from the Brand’s Scottish heritage and roots, yet still provides modern twists on classic designs to create a product that looks on-trend now, and for the years to come.

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The Barbour heritage

Barbour’s proud of its heritage, which forms the values of the brand’s approach to eye-catching yet durable glasses. Paying homage to the British Countryside, Barbour products boast a unique combination of grit and glamour.


Seasonal trends

Barbour and Autumn were made for each other. The warm yet neutral tones of the Autumnal leaves complement the rich brown and green tartans which appear so prominently in Barbour’s clothing and accessories.

Timeless styling

Barbour glasses work well with most looks and trends, especially during Autumn or when paired with neutral tones. However, the glasses are also designed to be timeless, in terms of quality and aesthetic.

Barbour focus on timeless, investment pieces. Part of the reason they continue to remain in style is due to their products having a classic, versatile feel and a premium quality, yet with enough unique detailing to keep their glasses modern and versatile.


You can see the full range of Barbour’s glasses to choose the perfect, timeless pair for you. As well as Barbour, we have a huge range of glasses from leading brands to suit your look, whether it’s just for now or the years to come.