Trick or treat? Wearing coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are often a popular choice for Halloween, but unlike the rest of your costume, if you’ve not had time to purchase your contacts already, it’s important not just to get them from the only place with stock left! If changing the colour of your eyes is high up on the agenda to accessorise your scary costume this year, be sure to plan ahead and do a bit of research before buying.

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Although you may not require a prescription, even Halloween coloured contact lenses, better known as “party lenses” require the same care as those worn for sight correction. When purchasing contact lenses from anywhere, it’s important for them to be fitted correctly by a qualified eyecare practitioner and to get expert instruction on how to care for them, as well as contact lens check up advice. If you’re a non-wearer, you’ll need to be taught how to put them in and remove them with discussions on hygiene and caring of the lenses. Don’t buy from unknown sellers, whether online or in shops as these lenses may damage your eyes. Ensuring you buy your coloured contact lenses from a professional, avoids putting your eyes at risk.

Planned ahead and purchased your coloured contact lenses already? Be sure to follow our handy tips below to ensure there’s no spooky surprises to your eye health this Halloween…