Slim sunglasses for this season

This season is all about slim sunglasses, a trend being led by Gen Z. Celebs like Kaia Gerber, Hailey Bieber, Kendel Jenner have all been spotted rocking this look.

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Slim is back in!

Dive into our lineup of 8 slim and stylish sunglasses. From acetate to metal, black to vibrant hues, we've got the perfect slim pair waiting for you.

If you fancy something a little bolder we've these slim sunglasses from Vogue to choose from.

Why Slim?

Big isn't always better and slim sunglasses frames have been on and off the fashion scene over the years. Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, making you feel confident and effortlessly cool they're a comfortable and lightweight. Whatever you're up to these are your go-to accessory for to blend fashion and function.

Top Tip: When looking for slim sunglasses look out for frames with a lens height below 35 mm.

Take a look at our full range of slim sunglasses.

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