The New Transitions® GEN S™ Lenses

Tired of constantly switching between your glasses and sunglasses? Do you want lenses that adapt seamlessly to changing light conditions, offering clear vision both indoors and outdoors? Look no further! The new Transitions® GEN S™ lenses are here to transform your visual experience.

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A Giant Leap in Technology

What makes Transitions® GEN S™ lenses truly remarkable is the advanced technology behind them. After five years of research and development, including the testing of over 100,000 lenses, Transitions® GEN S™ uses advanced symbiotic technology where the dyes and matrix are specifically designed to seamlessly interact together. The new matrix architecture strikes the right balance between soft and hard spaces, facilitating dye performance while maintaining robustness. The new super-charged dyes absorb more energy, improving the kinetics inside the matrix and providing the right balance between vivid colours and seamless responsiveness.

Why Choose Transitions®
GEN S™ Lenses?

  • Wearers Love: 8/10 agree Transitions® GEN S™ lenses are the best option for an everyday pair of glasses.**
  • Effortless Adaptation: They fully clear indoors and darkening outdoors in seconds.
  • Stylish Options: They're available in 8 vibrant colours, including the new Ruby.
  • Enhanced Vision Quality: Fast adaptation to changing light conditions for continuous visual comfort.
  • Advanced Technology: Five years of R&D, patented technology, and superior dye performance.

Transitions® GEN S™ lenses are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking convenience, style, and superior vision quality in one. Whether you're working or enjoying outdoor activities, these lenses adapt to your lifestyle, ensuring you never miss a moment.

The Transitions® range 

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  1. For grey polycarbonate & CR39 lenses achieving 18% transmission @ 23°C.​
  2. For grey polycarbonate & CR39 lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating fading back to 70% transmission @ 23°C.​
  3. Compared to clear lenses. Subject-masked cross-over randomized controlled investigation performed in 2023 on 30 healthy participants (19.2 ± 1.3 years). Testing light stress (discomfort and disability glare, photo-stress recovery) with the clear and darkest states of Transitions GEN S Grey 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating compared to clear 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating. Principal investigator Prof Billy R. Hammond.
  4. For polycarbonate and CR39 lenses across colours. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm (ISO TR 20772:2018).