Varifocal (multifocal) contact lenses

Varifocal contact lenses for reading and distance give you perfect vision in one simple solution.

Young man with blue shirt with raised left hand seated looking in mirror. Woman with dark hair, dark top and raised left hand stands behind him.
Head shot of young woman with dark hair inserting a contact lens into her left eye using her left hand.

Varifocal lenses can be soft or rigid (gas permeable) and are available in a range of different designs to suit your prescription and lifestyle.

For most people, varifocal contact lenses are very easy and comfortable to wear. They can be worn all day, every day, or they can be worn only when required, for sports or for a night out, for example. All varifocal lenses are a slight compromise when compared to a younger person’s natural ability to focus both at distance and close up, but no more so than wearing glasses.

Head and shoulders image of smiling, dark-haired young woman in white vest looking to her right.
Torso of man with white shirt and black tie with both hands holding information sheet which he is displaying to contact lens customer.
Three young boys standing close together outdoors wearing football shirts. The boy in the centre wears a black shirt, the others wearing red shirts.
Head and shoulders of dark-haired woman with sports wear.