Choosing varifocal glasses

Varifocal lenses have more than one prescription in each lens, meaning you can use the same pair of glasses or sunglasses for looking at short and long distances. Often, as you get older you begin to struggle to clearly see some things up close. This makes it harder to do everyday tasks like reading. This is where varifocal lenses can help. Rather than needing to carry around different glasses for long and short-sightedness, you can use varifocals for both.


How do varifocals work?

Packages and lenses

We have several types of varifocal lenses for you to choose from, so you can tailor the varifocal lenses to your needs and lifestyle. You can talk to us in store for some help and advice choosing the right varifocals to you. We can give you an eye test to get the right prescription. You can find out more about these glass lens options.

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