Contact lenses
for children

When it comes to wearing contact lenses, once children can comfortably put them in and take them out, they tend to love them. They offer more freedom than prescription glasses when playing sports and exercising. To help decide if contact lenses are right for your child, we’d recommend visiting us in store by booking an assessment online today.

Contact lens free assesment

Free contact lens trial

Your child can also have a free contact lens trial. Just bring them in store for an eye test and assessment. Your child can then try contact lenses to see if they’re right for them.

Contact lens free assessment


Contact lenses or prescription
glasses for children?

Prescription glasses can give your children clear vision. However, there are a few extra benefits with contact lenses.

How to put in children’s contact lenses

How to guide your child through
putting in contact lenses

  • Choose the correct contact lens (left or right).
  • Check the lens isn’t inside out (it should look more like a round bowl, rather than a saucer).
  • If the lens is the wrong way, simply flip or turn it using your fingers.
  • Place the lens on your index finger.
  • Place the mirror below you, then tilt your head down so you’re looking upwards into it.
  • Lift your top eyelid using the fingers on your other hand, holding at the line of your eyelashes.
  • Pull your bottom eyelid down then apply the contact lens over the coloured part of the eye.
  • Slowly move your index finger away whilst you keep hold of your eyelid.
  • Move your eye around to remove any air bubbles.
  • Slowly and gently let go of your eyelids then blink to help the lens settle.
  • Repeat for the other eye.

Can I buy
contact lenses online?


Yes, if they've a vaild contact lens prescription. As well as our own exclusive range Eyexpert,
we also feature lenses from leading suppliers, including CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson.
You can also book an eye test to make sure their prescription is just right before trying contact lenses.

Contact lenses 


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