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Contact lens subscription

Complete Contact care is our monthly Direct Debit plan for contact lenses. It's not just about the convenience of having lenses delivered free to your door each month, as subscribers also benefit from exclusive offers and discounts. With a free annual eye test, free aftercare and, for monthly lens wearers, free solutions, there are also great savings to be made.

Close-up colour image of female left eye with brown iris.
Head shot of young woman with dark hair inserting a contact lens into her left eye using her left hand.
Head and shoulders of dark-haired woman with sports wear.
Sand dune with two fair-haired young girls and yellow beach ball in the foreground facing away looking at two adults.
Torso of man with white shirt and black tie with both hands holding information sheet which he is displaying to contact lens customer.
Three young boys standing close together outdoors wearing football shirts. The boy in the centre wears a black shirt, the others wearing red shirts.
Close-up of human eye with dark pupil, brown iris and dark eyelashes.