The eyes must have it in lockdown

The importance of kid’s vision during our extended ‘stay at home’

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Across the nation we are all facing the new ‘stay at home’ norm with as we work collectively to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. For those with the kids, self-isolation means home-schooling, more time playing in the garden, more time in front of TV and computer screens and keeping the little ones entertained and happy. We at Vision Express have always strived to raise public awareness for eye health. During the lockdown, our optometrists have been asked many questions from parents concerned by maintaining their children’s eye health. As a result we would like to take the time to highlight what parents should be looking out for in their children.

Whether it’s up to date glasses to help development of your child’s learning, sunglasses to protect their eyes whilst playing in the sun, or an urgent appointment – Vision Express is urging parents not to overlook one of our most precious assets.

Dan McGhee, one of Vision Express’s leading Optometrists advises:

“Good eyesight is crucial to the development of a child’s learning, both socially and academically.

“Parents who have shortsightedness, any squint or lazy eye history in the family should have their children tested early on, i.e. before five years old.

“Noticing one eye turning in could be a sign of vision problems and sitting too close to the TV or computer screen can indicate shortsightedness. Around the age of 5 routine screenings should be done and kids who already wear glasses should have annual check-ups by an Optician.

Dan adds; “There are many other signs to look out for that could indicate a problem such as:

  • Constant eye rubbing.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Poor focusing and visual trackin.
  • Chronic redness and teary eyes.
  • Difficulty reading and squinting.
  • A shadow in the pupil that doesn’t go away.

“If a parent is worried their child needs an eye test, they can still book an urgent appointment with one of our Optometrists.

During this Stay at Home time, we are blessed to be enjoying some fantastic warm and sunny weather, which probably also means more time playing outdoors, so we should also consider the importance of protection for our eyes like we would if we were at the beach.

Dan advises; “Wearing sunglasses as a child help to protect the eyes against common eye conditions that could develop later in life. UV light from the sun is a form of harmful radiation that can damage cells in the eyes. If kids already have sunglasses that offer full UVA and UVB protection wear them! We still have a great range available at here if parents need to buy. For the adventurous kids too, it is worth looking for frames with flexible robust spring hinges and impact resistant lenses.

Sometimes kids eye health concerns go beyond learning and protection against the elements. 

“In rare cases, a shadow in the pupil that doesn’t go away can indicate a more serious life-threatening condition such as Retinoblastoma; a form of eye cancer.

Patrick Tonks, Chief Executive at CHECT adds: “Around one child a week is diagnosed with retinoblastoma in the UK, or 50 a year, so it’s very rare and there is no reason for parents to be alarmed, and in most cases a squint is completely harmless but we urge parents to have their child seen by an Optometrist to rule out anything serious”.

Despite the lockdown, we at Vision Express are here for you, and will respond to any For any urgent eye health issues or concerns you may have during this time. To get in contact with us, , Vision Express are still here to help call us on +44(0)800 038 2177 or book online and our clinical team will help you get the eye care you need.

Some other services we hope will keep the nation going that are still available at Vision Express include:

  • Essential and urgent eye-care appointments.
  • Urgent replacement glasses service.
  • Free home delivery for all existing orders.
  • Prescription requests.
  • Buying Contact lenses/ Sunglasses online.

Regular advice and updated will be shared on our social media channels and online.

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