The Gary Lineker Varifocals Edit

We’ve teamed up with Gary Lineker again to discuss the new Varifocals Lineker Edit. Since Gary’s switched to varifocals, he enjoys doing the things he loves more than ever. Whether it’s watching TV, cooking or reading, varifocals make living his life simpler than ever. There are some misconceptions around varifocal lenses, like they’re too expensive and bulky. Our Lineker edit frames start from just €99 with single vision lenses and €164 with varifocals lenses. If you still don’t believe they can be stylish, see for yourself with The Lineker Edit.

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You can also see Gary’s previous Lineker Edit, where he talks about how glasses and sunglasses have become a go-to fashion accessory for any occasion. Handpicked by Gary himself, the edit includes an exclusive selection of stylish frames, inspired by various era’s which have influenced him over the years.

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