World Diabetes Day 2022

Currently, in the UK, someone is diagnosed with Diabetes every two minutes. Early diagnosis is so important for all types of diabetes. It can save lives, prevent medical emergencies, and reduce the risk of life-changing complications.

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 What is Diabetes?  How does Diabetes affect my eyes?

Our colleagues Tom and Holly are keen to share their stories, to help raise awareness of the symptoms of diabetes and encourage anyone concerned to see their doctor. Together with the right information, making small changes to our lifestyle and regular eye tests, we can help to #rewritethestory.

Here’s what they had to say…

Diabetes and your eyes

Diabetes can cause problems with your eyes. Tom and Holly both experienced changes in their sight before and after diagnosis. So, they’re keen to remind people how important it is to keep up with regular eye health exams, as this is a key step to reducing your risk
of developing serious complications.

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