Together we can conquer stroke.

Vision Express has selected the Stroke Association as one of its six charity partners.

Vision Express proudly supporting the Stroke Association.

Together we hope to raise awareness and support for those who have been affected by strokes. Aside from the immense physical harm and debilitating effect that strokes pose on the human body, they can also have a devastating emotional impact on the victims and their families.

The good news is that the number of strokes have fallen over the last twenty years, thanks in part to the work of the Stroke Association in raising awareness on how to lead healthier lifestyles and prevent strokes from happening, as well as the general improvement in medical techniques used to treat the condition.

Strokes occur when the brain is starved of oxygen, usually when a blockage occurs somewhere in the circulatory system. The effects of a stroke are numerous and depend directly on which parts of the brain are starved of oxygen.

Strokes can have a debilitating effect on eye sight. Sight loss is most common effect to a stroke when blood flow is restricted to the right half of the brain. A stroke can lead to your eyes having difficulty receiving visual information. In particular, colour may be difficult to process and it is not uncommon for the victim to experience hallucinations.

For those experiencing sight loss following a stroke, regular eye tests are required to measure recovery. As the body heals, you often find vision returns back to normal.

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