Contact lenses in summer

It’s important to look after your eyes during the summer. As well as UV rays, in the summer months your eyes can become affected by hay fever, dry eyes and more. Sunglasses are the obvious way to protect your eyes against UV rays, however, wearing the right contact lenses can also benefit your eyes. Let Vision Express talk you through the benefits of wearing contact lenses this summer.


UV rays

When it comes to protecting your eyes from UV rays, sunglasses are the go-to method. However, contact lenses with UV protection also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses can also be worn over normal, or UV protection contact lenses for extra protection.

If you don’t own prescription sunglasses, wearing contact lenses underneath normal sunglasses helps you to see clearly and protect your eyes.


We have plenty of contact lenses for you to help protect your eyes in summer. Whether you suffer from hay fever, dry eyes or you’d like to protect your eyes from UV rays without wearing sunglasses, we’ve got your covered. You can view our contact lens range online or talk to us in store. We can also give you an eye test to make sure your prescription is correct.


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