Astigmatism treatment


Contact lenses

Another option for astigmatism treatment is contact lenses. There are different options available. Based on your prescription, ocular health and lifestyle needs your optometrist will advise you on the most suitable product, such as daily disposables or reusable lenses. Reusable lenses can be worn for two weeks or a month, depending on the type, and require daily cleaning. Daily disposables, as the name suggests, are to be used once, meaning you wear a new pair every day.

Depending on their age, maturity and ability to take on responsibility, contact lenses might be an option for children too.



This is an alternative contact lens option for astigmatism treatment and correction. With this option, rigid contact lenses will be fitted on to the eye to ‘reshape’ the cornea. These lenses are usually worn overnight, meaning you do not need to wear contact lenses or glasses throughout the day. It can be a great alternative to laser surgery. However, it might not be the best or suitable solution for you, so please book an eye examination with your optometrist. They will provide you with advice that best fits your needs.


Laser or refractive surgery

Another treatment is laser eye surgery. Astigmatism can be treated for the long-term using this method yet it is not a guaranteed astigmatism cure for life. You can book an eye examination and discuss the possibilities suited to your situation.

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