Preventing blepharitis

You can help prevent blepharitis by keeping your eyelids and eye area clean. This removes and reduces bacteria which can cause an infection. To clean your eyes, make sure your hands are clean first. Then soak a soft cloth or cotton wool ball in warm water and a gentle cleanser, like baby shampoo and massage your eyes. You can also use special eye pads².

If you wear eye make-up, always remove it before going to bed⁴. Also, don’t put eyeliner behind your eyelashes⁴. Try to avoid sharing make-up with other people, as this can spread bacteria.

If you’ve had blepharitis before, don’t reuse any eye make-up that you used before or during the infection. This could re-infect your eyes with the same bacteria again⁴. We’d recommend throwing it away and buying new eye make-up.


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