Your eye test

Your vision is important to us. Our thorough eye test is tailored to you and lets us check for any problems. During the eye test our expert optometrists will talk to you about what is happening. Then at the end, we will give you a detailed but simple explanation of how healthy your eyes are, as well suggest any changes to your prescription. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have. You can book your eye test online or in store.

Below is a detailed walkthrough of our standard eye tests.

Your eye health screening

Your main exam

After your eye test

Regular eye tests

When it comes to eye health, regular eye tests help us detect any problems early. We can recommend how often you should have an eye test. This helps us prevent any issues from getting worse, or even treat them. Having regular eye tests also means we can keep a record of your eye shape and health, using various images and scans, like the OCT 3D scan.

Using detailed 3D images, this keeps a record of your eyes and helps us detect eye problems like glaucoma and macular degeneration, earlier than we would using other eye tests. This way, we’ll notice even the slightest change in your eyes, which we can keep an eye on and treat if needed.

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