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During your eye test we examine…

Your Eye health screening.

A range of eye care professionals will see you during your eye test. Prior to your formal sight examination with your optometrist, a dispensing optician will perform a health screening which is designed to gain a full picture of your eyes and to check for any underlying eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or broader conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

With more than 100 different ways to assess how your eyes are working, our optometrists select the tests most appropriate to you, based on the personal information you have given them.

  • Light processing

    The autorefractor

    An autorefractor will assist your Optometrist in providing the best visual correction. Your Optometrist will use the device to examine how the eye processes light. Any refraction anomalies can help to determine if you need prescription glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

    The autorefractor examination only takes a few seconds to complete.  We will ask you to look at a picture and, then the machine uses a complex procedure to estimate your required prescription. This information is then used by your Optometrist along with other tests to determine the final prescription that gives you the best possible level of vision.

    When the picture is perfectly placed on the retina, the autorefractor then gives an initial reading of the eye's focussing power and the need for any corrective lenses.

  • Checking the power of existing glasses

    It is important to bring your current glasses    with you, as a power reading will be taken to give further information into how your eyesight has changed, if at all. We can also check to see if any adjustments are needed to ensure your glasses continue to fit you comfortably and are positioned correctly. We will also examine the lenses in your glasses to check for any scratches which may be interfering with your vision.

  • Using a non-contact tonometer

    A non-contact tonometer is an instrument used by your optometrist (can be an Associate in Eye Health Screening) to measure the intraocular pressure inside your eyes.

    A puff of air is directed into the eye, measuring the pressure based on the eye's resistance to the air. It only takes a couple of seconds to perform and can give your optometrist valuable information about the health of your eye and any indications of more serious vision problems, such as Glaucoma, which can lead to serious sight loss. Caught early, these conditions can easily be managed and treated.

  • DRP

    We offer digital retinal photography with every eye test we carry out in all Vision Express stores.

    Using a fundus camera we are able to take a detailed photograph of the back of your eyes. The photograph  shows a detailed image of your retina allowing you to see what we see; as well as keeping a permanent photographic reference of your eye health so we can review it again when you come back to see us next time.

  • Visual field screener

    The visual field screener is used to determine your field of vision and locate any 'blind spots' within your peripheral vision. During the test, you will be asked to look at a spot in the centre of the machine and respond to the lights flashing around this central target. This test may be repeated several times in both eyes.

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Choosing your glasses

Once your eye test has been completed, your results will be handed over to an associate to help you choose the right glasses. At Vision Express we have a wide range of frames and lenses to choose from, suiting many different style and budgets. We will help you choose the correct frame and lenses for your prescription.

It is important that you choose a pair of glasses that you feel happy with, and we will make any minor alterations to the frames to ensure that they fit properly and are comfortable to wear.

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