Hypermetropia symptoms

People with hypermetropia can usually see objects in the distance clearly, but struggle as they get closer to an object. Depending on how high the refractive error is, even an object a few metres away may appear blurred.

Risk factors for hypermetropia can include a family history of the condition, certain medicines and diabetes.

Symptoms of hypermetropia include eye strain, blurry vision and headaches, with eye strain often being the first and most noticeable symptom. Some people with hypermetropia can experience difficulty with depth perception, or seeing with both eyes, and some children may experience double vision as a result of trying to focus. Sometimes symptoms can include squinting or eye-watering.

Some of the first signs in children may be complaining about not being able to read textbooks in school, having difficulty drawing or putting beads on a string, having tired eyes when looking at a screen, or possibly learning difficulties.

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