Presbyopia is a condition associated with the ageing of the eye which makes it harder to focus clearly on close objects. Flexibility of the natural lens diminishes with age, and by their mid-forties, even people who have never needed spectacles start to need reading glasses.

If you already wear glasses for seeing at a distance, and are now experiencing the symptoms of presbyopia, varifocal lenses may be the solution, as they combine two prescriptions in one lens.

Advances in contact lens technology also mean that presbyopia can be easily corrected with multifocal lenses, which enable you to see clearly at all distances.

The first symptoms most people notice are difficulty reading fine print or books, unless they are held at arm's length.

Those with the condition may also experience eyestrain when reading for long periods, particularly in low light conditions. Blurring of near objects or temporarily blurred vision when changing the viewing distance are also common symptoms.

The symptoms of presbyopia become less noticeable in bright sunlight, when the pupil becomes smaller.



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