Lenses for blue light 

If you look at digital screens like computers, mobiles and TV, your eyes may be exposed to blue light. This isn’t always harmful to your eyes or vision; however, it can affect your sleep and may cause digital eye strain.

Blue light glasses help filter blue light rays, which may minimise their effects and can help to improve sleep. 

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How do blue light filters work?

The lenses in blue light glasses may have a subtle yellow tint, which helps to counterbalance and filter blue light rays. They filter blue light just like sunglasses fliter UV rays. This means your sleep could remain unaffected even when you use digital devices.

*Based on 1200 customers who purchased blue light glasses in 2021.

This survey was carried out in 2021 in the form of a questionnaire. We asked 1,200 customers who had previously purchased blue light glasses from Vision Express some questions about their experiences and opinions on using blue light glasses.

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