Sports and protection glasses

Prescription lenses and prescription protective glasses.

We offer a variety of glasses and goggles, many of which can be fitted with prescription lenses for sports including:

Two people on bicycles.
A person swimming in a pool.
A painted white line on grass.
A person underwater wearing a wetsuit and diving equipment.
A person on a slope on skis.
A person on a climbing wall.
A person on a snowboard on snow.
A person on a water ski.
Five bowls scattered on grass.
Snooker balls and a snooker cue.
A tilting motorbike and rider on a road.
A man with his arms raised holding a golf club.
A fishing rod with water in the background.
A white ice skate

Contact lenses can also offer benefits when playing sport. Find out more about our contact lens options here.

We are also able to supply prescription protective glasses and goggles to protect your eyes in a variety of hazardous environments.

Your local Vision Express team will be happy to discuss your options.