Most of our sunglass lenses are made from plastic for their versatility, durability and lightness. Not all sunglasses have the same coloured lenses; here is a simple guide to what the different colours mean.

  • Grey lenses

    Grey lenses ensure natural colours and offer protection in all weathers.

  • Brown lenses

    Brown lenses warm colours and enhance contrasts, offering a good level of protection in all circumstances.

  • Yellow lenses

    Yellow lenses enhance contrast in fog or low light conditions. Ideal for driving.

  • Blue lenses

    Blue/mauve lenses are stylish and fashionable, providing good protection in moderate sunlight.

  • Red lenses

    Pink or red lenses are an alternative look for night time or low light conditions.

  • Green lenses

    Dark Green enhances contrast in natural light. Excellent for sports like golf.

Safety in the sun

As an optician we recommend you always protect your lenses with a scratch resistant coating in order to prolong the life of your lenses.

Whatever you do in the sun we want to ensure that you can see clearly - enjoy your summer by seeing safely in the sun.

Level of protection & tint

All of our sunglasses are 100% UV protected however, you may find that you need a darker tint which offers even greater protection.

European StandardLens DescriptionBrightnessEnvironment & ActivityLevel of Protection
4Very DarkMountains & Glaciers etcMountains, Glaciers & SeaExtreme Conditions - car driving prohibitedUV 100% - Visible light 95%
3DarkMountains & SeaSea & MountainsIntense conditionsUV 100% - Visible light 85%
2Medium TintMountains & Bright SunSea & MountainsBright SunlightUV 100% - Visible light 70%
1Slightly TintedAll EnvironmentsAll EnvironmentsVariable sunlight - everyday useUV 100% - Visible light 40%
0Clear TintedUrban ConditionsUrbanVariable light conditions for comfort & appearanceUV 100% - Visible light 10%