Menopause and Dry Eyes

Once women reach their 40’s, menopause and hormonal changes can affect their health in several ways. During the menopause, your body produces less reproductive hormones like oestrogen. This can affect your mental, physical and eye health. There are many physical and mental symptoms of menopause. A common condition experienced by women experiencing menopause is dry eyes. This isn’t a serious eye condition, however, can cause discomfort, irritation and inflammation.

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Dry eyes symptoms

There are many symptoms of dry eye syndrome. It can cause your eyes to feel sore, burning and itchy. It can also cause them to be red and watery. In severe cases, you may experience temporary blurred vision and an increased sensitivity to light. You may also find your contact lenses feel more uncomfortable than usual.

Treating dry eyes

As well as menopause, there are many other causes of dry eyes.

Spending too much time on digital devices can cause your eyes to become dry, as you tend to blink less often than you should when you look at screens. Wearing contact lenses for too long can also cause your eyes to become dry, as can environmental causes such as dust, dry air and air-conditioning.

There are a few ways you can treat dry eyes. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of dry eyes, due to menopause or other causes, limiting your exposure to digital devices and taking out your contact lenses can help to relieve these symptoms. Staying indoors during dry weather and maintaining a clean home can also reduce your eyes’ exposure to harmful elements.

Lubricating eye drops are also useful for hydrating and treating dry eyes. Shop our range of eyecare products.

Maintaining regular eye tests

Menopause can cause many physical changes in your body, including your eyesight. Having regular eye tests helps your optician detect potential issues due to menopause or ageing early, some of which are more serious than dry eyes. This makes it easier to treat the condition and prevent symptoms from worsening.

We’ve teamed up with Radio DJ Jo Whiley for National Eye Health Week, to raise awareness around the effects menopause can have on eye health. If you’re worried about how healthy your eyes are, whether this is due to ageing or menopause, you can talk to us in store. We can give you an eye test and help you keep your eyes healthy.