Blepharospasm symptoms

Blepharospasm usually starts gradually with mild symptoms, and they can vary daily.
These can include:

  • Increased and/or constant blinking
  • Eye twitching and under eye twitching
  • Sensitivity to light¹
  • Squinting
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Tension around the eyes

It tends to start around one eye but often affects both eyes as time goes by,
and as the condition gets worse².

Blepharospasm causes
and diagnosis

The exact cause of blepharospasm isn’t known, but doctors believe it can be due to various genetic, environmental and other factors. It does tend to affect women more often than men, usually starting
from around 40 to 60 years of age³.

If you think you might have blepharospasm, it’s important to make an appointment to have it checked out. For example, if your eyelid(s) keep twitching for several weeks, your eyes completely shut when they twitch or if other parts of your face start to twitch.

During your appointment, we can identify your condition and refer you to the hospital for diagnosis and confirmation. Your ophthalmologist will then ask you about your symptoms and your medical history to rule out other causes for your excessive blinking. They will
also examine your eyes. Once diagnosed they
will recommend the best treatment option
and treatment schedule for you.

Blepharospasm treatment

While there isn’t a cure for blepharospasm and it can’t be prevented, there are treatments out there that can help ease symptoms and manage the progression
of the condition.

Botox injections: This is the main treatment option. It involves small injections just under the skin. They work by temporarily weakening the muscles of the eyelids that cause spasms. They take around two days to take effect and usually last for up to three months.

Oral Medication: Some oral medications block involuntary muscle movements. However, these are only effective for a small number of people.

Surgery: In very rare and extreme cases, treatment may include a surgical procedure to help stop
the overactive muscle

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