Lifestyle, food & eye health

When it comes to looking after your eyes, a few simple changes to your lifestyle and diet can make some big changes. By changing your diet and exercising more, you can improve your eye health and minimise your risk of developing common eye conditions. Keep your eyes in tip top condition by incorporating these below steps into your daily life.

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Exercise regularly

As well as water and nutrition, oxygen also helps to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. Growing scientific evidence suggests that aerobic exercise can increase oxygen to your optic nerve and lower pressure in the eye.

Lowering your eye pressure can help to control conditions like glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Aerobic exercise can also prevent of diabetes, which in severe cases can lead to diabetic retinopathy which affects your eyes.

To gain any health benefit from exercise, the Department of Health recommends doing 30 minutes exercise five days a week. Brisk walks, cycling and swimming are all great ways to lower pressure in your eyes.

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Have regular eye examinations

One of the best ways to stay on top of your eye health is to have regular eye tests. This way, our opticians can spot any potential issues early and give you advice on keeping your eyes healthy.

It is recommended that you have an eye examination once every two years. As well as detecting problems with your vision, an eye test can also uncover other underlying health problems.

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