Women's Glasses VML0VML028S
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Women's Glasses VML0VML028S

Mulberry 028S Cat Eye Metal 52mm Women's Glasses with Pink frames.

  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Includes standard single vision lenses with anti-scratch treatment.
  • Comes with a case and cleaning cloth.


Women's Glasses VML0VML028S
€ 290

Frame measurements

Bridge widthBridge width18 mm
Arm lengthArm length135 mm
Lens diameterLens diameter52 mm
Lens heightLens height44 mm

About our lenses


Our entry level varifocal lens with free scratch-resistance. €75 NOW €37.50


The Enhanced is an upgrade from the Variview Essential with good distance and near vision, noticeable soft focus area. (This lens option also includes Anti-Reflection Plus coating). €145 NOW €72.50


A good everyday varifocal using an optimised design good for distance, intermediate and near vision with some soft focus. (This lens option also includes Anti-Reflection Plus coating). €190 NOW €95


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For everyday wear, clear indoors, dark in sunlight, blocking 100% harmful UV rays. ADD €80

Anti-Reflection Plus

Benefits include Anti-Reflection Coating, Scratch resistant coating and Easy Clean. €45

Anti-Reflection Plus Blue

All the benefits of above plus a filter on this advanced coating that reduces the amount of blue light entering the eye. Blue light is emitted by digital devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. €65

Thin & Light

Thinner for improved appearance, lighter for more comfort, including Anti-Reflection Plus coating. PRICES FROM €80*


Prices from €59


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