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Designer POLO sunglasses

POLO sunglasses by Ralph Lauren feature iconic, timeless and authentic frames. The range symbolises modern-day American style; Easy, energetic, young and cool. You can see the collection, as well as the rest of our designer frames, and our women's and men's ranges.

Latest POLO sunglasses collections

The latest sunglasses from POLO by Ralph Lauren brings classic, contemporary, sporty and professional styles, so you'll be sure to find the perfect pair for you. Take your pick from the Ashbury, Academy and Earth POLO ranges. You can also find out more about POLO by Ralph Lauren. If you need more help choosing, you can also see our face shape guide.

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Our sunglasses collections are also available with various add-ons, like prescription lenses and polarised lenses. You can also book an eye test to make sure your prescription is just right.