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Doing everything a little differently

Having launched as a shirt specialist of some repute in Glasgow, Ted Baker quickly became the place to buy some of the very best contemporary men's shirting around. From the beginning Ted has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour, so much so in fact that the first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased - something that gained the quickly growing brand the title of 'No Ordinary Designer Label'.

Everything produced under the Ted Baker name has his personality woven into its very heart. Ted Baker has grown into a major brand that now quite literally, spans the globe. Ted Baker is less about its key components and more about the philosophy which is at the heart of everything that "Ted" does. From the style and feel of the clothes, the design of the accessories right through to the packaging, shop decoration and their communication with their customers, Ted Baker does everything a little differently.

The Ted Baker Eyewear collection is unique and distinctive, drawing its inspiration from the spirit of Ted: stylish, original and like life, never to be taken too seriously!

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