Clear lens pricing

Anti-reflection lenses example

add €45

Anti-Reflection Plus

  • Reduces reflection
  • Easy clean
  • Scratch-resistant

Varifocal lenses example


See near, far and in-between with our great range of varifocal lenses.


Our entry level varifocal lens with free scratch-resistance.



The Enhanced is an upgrade from the Variview Essential with good distance and near vision, noticeable soft focus areas.

This lens option also includes Anti-Reflection Plus coating.



A good everyday varifocal using an optimised design good for distance, intermediate and near vision with some soft focus.

This lens option also includes Anti-Reflection Plus coating



Our most popular range with advanced optimised lens design to improve natural vision, great fields of view at all distances with minimal soft focus.

This lens option also includes Anti-Reflection Plus coating


*Prices quoted are for 1.5 lenses with Anti-Reflection Plus coating, all other lens upgrades apply.

Thin & Light 25, 35, 50

Lenses are 25%, 35% or 50% thinner and lighter than standard lenses. This provides an improved appearance, comfort and UV protection. Thin & Light increases the range of frames available for customers with a moderate to high prescription. All thin and light lens options include Anti-Reflection Plus coating.

Thinner & lighter lenses examplefrom €80**

Adaptive lenses

Grey, brown or green - designed to be worn everyday. Clear indoors, dark in sunlight, reduce glare with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Adaptive lenses example from €80

**Starting price for lens upgrade, further upgrades are available.

Fair value prices

At Vision Express, we offer a professional and individual service at a fair price.


  • Price includes scratch-resistant single vision lenses.
  • Clear lens upgrades are available

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Price Match
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Glasses Service

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Terms & conditions

  • * Find the same product cheaper elsewhere within 60 days of your purchase and we'll match this price (via store network only, not online).
  • ** 60 day guarantee applies for 60 days after original purchase. Exchange up to the value of the original purchase price only - if the exchange is of a higher value, you simply pay the difference. No cash alternative for lower value exchanges. Your statutory rights are not affected.