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PUMA Sunglasses

Sports company PUMA fuses advanced functionality and active style in its Spring-Summer 2021 eyewear collection, which targets both athletes and fashion-conscious consumers.
The collection is split into Performance pieces and more casual Active designs for everyday wear. The technical details have been implemented with a focus on comfort, flexibility and stability, while the design concept evokes the digital world with hyper-realistic, saturated shades.
The Performance eyewear pieces are characterised by an edgy mask design, featuring polarised high-definition-chrome technology lenses, which optimize outdoor vision to ensure a maximum definition of colours and contrasts. Engineered with special tints and a mirror coating, the lenses filter light according to the wearer’s sensitivity and fine-tune eye perception in all kinds of environments.
The Active eyewear theme introduces dynamic and versatile constructions, on the edge of ultra-speed. Chunky profiles are enhanced with flash lenses and rubber details, while a bold interpretation of PUMA’s iconic Formstrip motif appears on each style as a symbol of functional creativity.