Graves’ Eye Disease


Grave’s eye disease is caused by the same immune response as Graves’ disease. You can find out about both conditions below.

Graves’ eye disease diagnosis

The exact cause of Graves’ eye disease isn’t clear. Research suggests that it’s probably due to a combination of genetic and environmental reasons. Anyone can develop it but women are at
a higher risk than men.

If you already have a diagnosis of Graves’ disease, a doctor can diagnose Graves’ eye disease via an eye examination.

If you don’t have a Graves’ disease diagnosis, your doctor will
also check your neck to see if your thyroid is enlarged and may request blood tests.

They may also request tests such as ultrasound, CT scan,
or MRI to get a detailed look at your thyroid gland.


Graves’ Eye Disease Treatments

If you are experiencing eye problems, you'll probably be referred to an ophthalmologist for treatment. While treating hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease can help, usually, the eye disease needs specific treatment.

Graves' eye disease can be divided into two stages. During the active stage, the symptoms are present and your vision may be at risk without proper treatment. It can last for several months up to two years¹ but often symptoms settle down after around 6 months.² The inactive phase means the condition has settled down but you may have some long-term problems, for example protruding (bulging) eyes.³

Treatment will depend on the symptoms, stage and underlying health condition, and may include:

  • Hyperthyroidism treatment including medication to correct
    thyroid hormone levels
  • Eye drops to reduce inflammation
  • Special prism glasses to correct double vision
  • Steroid injections to control inflammation
  • Radiotherapy to help with swelling
  • Surgery to help with long term eye bulging (exophthalmos)



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